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2007 Michigan High School Football Finals:

  • Div I: Macomb Dakota Cougars vs. Livonia Stevenson Spartans
  • Div II: Midland Chemics (really) vs. Detroit Martin Luther King Jr. Crusaders
  • Div III: East Grand Rapids Pioneers (not gender-neutral) vs. Orchard Lake St. Mary's Eaglets (the OSLM college teams are the Eagles)
  • Div IV: Marine City Mariners (winner for least creative) vs. Detroit Country Day Yellowjackets (aieee!)
  • Div V: Menominee (Dah dah dadada) Maroons (really) vs. Jackson Lumen Christi Titans (remember?)
  • Div VI: Saginaw Nouvel Panthers vs. Blissfield (dude) Royals (Blissfield having a long history of producing members of the monarchy)
  • Div VII: Traverse St. Francis Gladiators (sadly, not Assisis) vs. Mendon Hornets (aiee!)
  • Div VIII: Crystal Falls Forest Park Trojans (...) vs. Fulton-Middleton Pirates (arrr!)


Crystal Falls Forest Park played in the first finals played outdoors (1975), the last finals played outdoors (also 1975), the first finals played at the Silverdome (1976), the last finals played at the Silverdome (2004), the first finals played at Ford Field (2005) and the last finals played at Ford Field (2007), assuming they decide to either not have them next year or move them to the Youpper Dome.

Every time Dana and I say the word Menominee, we now think about Swedish porn.

Four of last year's champs - Dakota, EGR, Menominee and Nouvel - are back, but CFFP is the only loser from last year to return.

Menominee runs the single wing, which is really cool.


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