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Finland drew 0-0 with Portugal, so they are out. They were utterly dominated in the game, and did a hell of a job to keep it scoreless. Portugal is just way too good.

England lost 3-2 to Croatia, so they're out too. None of the five British Isles teams made it - the first time that's happened since 1984.

Here's how I'm hoping the four groups of four line up for the finals:

1) Austria, Holland, Germany, France.
2) Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia.
3) Russia, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic.
4) Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

Group 1 would give the Germans a chance to reprise their thrilling 1939 tournament win. Group 2 would be the unofficial Balkans Championship, and, well, who wouldn't want to be the referee for a Serbia-Croatia match? Group 3 would be the Eastern Bloc's 20th reunion. Group 4 would be, well, the other four teams. But you'd have Spain vs. Portugal in the Battle of Iberia and Sweden-Switzerland in the Battle of Sw-Names.


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