May. 20th, 2007

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Newly Married
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For some reason, I didn't get to take many pictures yesterday, although I did get a few early in the day and a few at the reception.

Luckily, there were about 700 people there filling in for me, and that's not counting the official photographer. I just uploaded a few of my pictures and a few taken by the lovely Cat to Flickr.

And now, hopefully editing pictures will have taken care of the insomnia, because I'm going back to bed.

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Wedding Cake Topper
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At some point, I should probably stop posting pictures - the latest set were taken by Angie's cousin Jane - and talk about the wedding ceremony.

The problem is that we don't remember any of it!

I remember everything until Angie started walking down the aisle. After that, everything is a little blurry. I remember that her ring wouldn't go over her knuckle, and that she had to steady my shaking hand to get my ring on.

I remember Pam singing and Rennie and Marcy doing their readings - if nothing else, we had the hottest wedding ever when you consider those three, Dana and Trina and my gorgeous bride- but mainly I just remember staring into Angie's eyes. If you told me that the fire alarm went off during those 20 minutes, I'd believe you.

Then he said "man and wife", and we both choked up, and the rest was just heaven.


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