Jul. 6th, 2007

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Flickr set: Detroit Zoo - 3 July 2007

Some highlights:

"With Great Power comes Great Responsibility"
Heavy Burdens

Dreaming of Little Girls
Dreaming of Little Girls

Baby Zebra!!
Baby Zebra

Neifi Perez

Jul. 6th, 2007 07:31 pm
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Neifi Perez, the man that is statistically the worst hitter in major-league history, has just been suspended for 25 games for using a banned stimulant. This is the man that multiple members of my friends list despise for the damage he has to done to their teams ... by playing for them.

(All the Giants fans on my list, meet all the Royals fans on my list)

People are asking what a man hitting .172 with one homer and six RBIs was doing with the stimulants? Did he not know how to take them? Was he waiting until AFTER the game?


Those are ridiculous things to say about a man who has managed to have a 12-year major-league career despite having less offensive ability than the Italian Army. This is a man who has made $20 million despite being the most ineffective switch-hitter since RuPaul the Eunuch.

The answer is obvious.

He was taking amphetamines to stay awake. Sitting on the bench for weeks at a time can get really, really boring.


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