Sep. 18th, 2007

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How good is Tiger Woods? He just won his 61st PGA Tour event at the age of 31. Among golfers that are under 35, Sergio Garcia is second in career wins.

With SIX.
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There was just a very interesting discussion on Sirius' NASCAR channel about brand loyalty. After several years of sponsoring Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s #8 car, Budweiser is switching to Kasey Kahne's #9, and Junior will be (reportedly) driving the #88 AMP Energy Drink car.

Junior has always been marketed to the redneck crowd, which was a perfect fit for Bud, but Kasey is more the clean-cut, boy-next-door hottie, and people are wondering if he'll appeal to beer drinkers. His current ad campaign, for Allstate, has him being stalked by a trio of klutzy soccer moms, including country star Martina McBride (or her twin sister).

(Allstate will still be one of his sponsors, which has led people to suggest a cross-promotion where the Allstate Girls serve as designated drivers for him, with the slogan "Even riding with the Allstate Girls is better than driving drunk.")

Anyway, this got me to think about the effectiveness of sports advertising. I drive a Saturn, not a Ford (Field), and I don't bank at Comerica (Park). The Pistons are sponsored by Rock Financial, but, while we bought our house from one of their employees, our mortgage is through Countryside.

My favorite racing teams were sponsored by Texaco and NAPA, but that didn't make me more likely to use their products. My favorite soccer team has been sponsored by a brand of lollipops, a casino chain (see below) and now by a small British ISP, and I've never felt the need to make use of those services.

Soccer Girl

One thing that has worked is that I've used Go Daddy for web hosting because they caught my attention with their Super Bowl ads.

So what about you? Are there any companies that advertise in sports that have won your business? Will you drink less Bud now that Junior isn't driving the car?
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I can't tell you how important it is for organizations like the Vets for Freedom or the VFW or the American Legion and other groups to -- Gold Star Mothers, got you, okay, thank you -- Blue Star Mothers, Gold Star Mothers, all the mothers, yes. (Applause.) Every day is Mother's Day as far as your concerned, isn't it? (Laughter.) - President Bush, Sept. 18, 2007. (via White House website)

He does realize what Gold Star Mothers have in common, right?

I'm not claiming that he meant to be insensitive or that this proves that he's evil. I'm just amazed that he and his father got to be President for a combined 12 years while being such terrible public speakers.

If you look at the Presidents of the last 50 years, you can at least understand how they got into office. Eisenhower was a war hero. Kennedy was young and charismatic and, in a different way, a war hero. LBJ was a master of the political system. Nixon was brilliant. Ford was a good man when the country needed one after Watergate. Carter was a good man when the country needed one after Watergate. Reagan had the ability to make everyone feel that he cared about their problems, and the ability to unite people with his speeches. (Can you imagine the speech Reagan would have given after 9/11?) Bush I inherited Reagan's legacy. Clinton had brains, and enough charisma to not come off threatening to common people. (Something his wife struggles with.) Gore was competent and inherited Clinton's legacy.

But W? Even if you think Bush lost in 2000, how did he even do that well? What is the thing that draws people to vote for him? Am I just missing something? I'd hate to think that he has been elected president twice strictly by being divisive and via negative campaigning.


Sep. 18th, 2007 07:27 pm
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