Oct. 5th, 2007


Oct. 5th, 2007 02:22 pm
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If you had told me in March that Dierks Bentley/Miranda Lambert/Eric Church would end up being the third-best country concert that Angie and I would see in 2007, I would have thought you were insane. But Alison Krauss was fantastic, even without the sentimental aspects, and last night topped everything.

Five years from now, we're going to tell people that we say Taylor Swift as the opening act at a concert, and they will think we're making up. At 17, she's already really good on stage. She's funny, she's energetic and she seems to genuinely enjoy the crowd. She got an enormous ovation at the end of her set - especially for an opening act - and it was fun to watch how much cheering crowds still get to her. Her last line, after the cheering finally died down, was "That's the moment that I always dream about. Thank you!"

(By the way, it was very amusing to see Angie singing loudly along with Taylor on "Tim McGraw". When that song came out, A hated it, because she didn't think a 15-year-old kid should be using a star's name just to get some publicity. But she's been completely won over.)

Rodney Atkins was also great, especially since we walked out of his show at the Armada Fair in August. At the time, we weren't entirely sure if that had just been an overwhelmed sound system, or they were trying to hide his failings at a live show, but we were happy to realize it was definitely the former.

If you like Brad Paisley, even a little, pay the money to see him live. He does all his big hits, throws in some Johnny Cash and Alabama for the traditionalists, and has a video/light/stage setup that must be the pride and joy of everyone at Apple. There's even a instrumental in the middle of the show that includes a "Speed Racer" cartoon that Paisley animated himself.

The other thing that's impressive about seeing him live is that you realize that he's a exceptional guitar player. There are a lot of country stars who strum along, but he's legitimately good.

Oh, and to answer the important questions:

1) Yes, he performed "Whiskey Lullaby".
2) Yes, he did it as a duet.
3) No, unlike previous tours, he did not perform it with one of his tour mates (see also: Underwood, Carrie) - it would be a bit odd for 17-year-old Taylor to sing a song about suicide by bottle.
4) No, I'm not going to ruin the surprise.
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Armed and Sleepy
Originally uploaded by Dave Hogg.

Spark and his bandolier doze off while waiting for Brittany to come home from the dance.


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