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Birthdate:May 6
Location:Royal Oak, Michigan, United States of America
Dave Hogg. Get yours at

New Update - Feb. 12, 2008.

I'm a married homeowner with a 13-year-old daughter How in the world did this happen?!? I'm all grown up and respectable?

I'm a sportswriter for the Associated Press. I cover the Tigers, Pistons, Shock and Lions mostly, but also golf, UM football, boxing and anything else that comes up.

Yes, I was at the Pistons-Pacers Brawl, the World Series, Justin Verlander's no-hitter and to see the Red Wings, Pistons and Shock win championships. No, I wasn't at the Super Bowl. Yes, I'm still bitter about that.

I'm a fanatic amateur photographer. You can see thousands of pictures on my Flickr site, but my Top 50 set is a good place to start. My 25 Most Viewed Set is a good way to see my most popular pictures. The latter seems to involve pictures of pretty women, for some reason.

I'm hopelessly addicted to social-networking sites, so even though this is my main net-home, you can also find me at:

I sometimes write very strange, very silly bits of fiction:

I've also given two sermons at my church:

The current weather in Royal Oak:
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