Jul. 17th, 2007

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[livejournal.com profile] aiela is getting worried about me. I just woke up at 7:00 and started scribbling this on a pad of paper.

I realized after I got three-quarters of the way through it that I did it backward - it is supposed to scan before the substitutions, not after. But it was fun.
  • Curtailment (4,*3) (FIRST, SECOND)

  • Transposal (4) (THIRD, FOURTH) (THIRD is a proper noun)

  • Deletion (7,6) (FIFTH,SIXTH)

  • Letter Change (4) (SEVENTH, EIGHTH)

  • Letter Bank (7*,9) (NINTH, TENTH)

  • Letter Change (5) (ELEVENTH,TWELFTH) (ELEVENTH is a proper noun)

  • Beheadment (6,5) THIRTEENTH, FOURTEENTH).

Oliver Queen's career has come to a FIRST.
SECOND Jordan's ring has developed a fault.
Clark Kent flies coach beside his wife, THIRD Lane.
Batman's a farmer - tilling the FOURTH as Bruce Wayne.
Sadly, I feel Helena Bertanelli isn't the only FIFTH
That's tried to soften the blow by turning to SIXTH.
Was it a supervillian that was able to make the Justice League SEVENTH?
Nope, 'twas our A.G. giving them orders, and they wouldn't play EIGHTH.
So NINTH said "Superterrorists would simply be horrible!
Their existence, as of today, is no longer TENTH."
All the good guys were taken directly to ELEVENTH.
Had their powers removed by a Luthorian TWELFTH.
The only good news that came from the THIRTEENTH?
Johnny Storm no longer cries every time that it FOURTEENTH.


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