Oct. 8th, 2007

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Don't work for a week, then go Royal Oak-Ann Arbor-Royal Oak-Auburn Hills-Royal Oak today. I'll end up driving 120 (freeway!) miles, writing about 2,000 words and making $350.

It's very, very strange to see someone other than Ben Wallace wearing #3 for the Pistons.

Tayshaun Prince is letting his hair grow out.

Miami brought a full-strength lineup for this pre-season game, other than Shaquille O'Neal. And Dwyane Wade. And Alonzo Mourning. And Penny Hardaway. Penny Hardaway is still alive?

(Before anyone asks, it was Tim Hardaway that made the anti-gay remarks, not Penny.)

((Tim and Penny Hardaway are not related. Penny does have a younger brother, but he is only 18 inches tall and is named Lil' Penny.))

The Heat have used 10 players thus far - Marcus (Lamb to the) Slaughter, Dorell (Orville) Wright, Michael (Rhymes With UNIVAC) Doleac, Jeremy (I'm Not Jason)  Richardson, Jason Williams (White Chocolate, not the Red Wing, the motorcyclist or the limo killer), Chris (Brady) Quinn, Devin Green (who isn't), Earl (Red) Barron, Daequan (Short-Order) Cook and Alexander (All The Jokes Are Too Easy) Johnson.

The Pistons have rookies named Arron Afflalo and Cheick Samb. I'm going to have trouble with those two names - I just misspelled both of them while writing this paragraph on how hard they are to spell.

I have nothing else to say that it is either true or relevant. And I just managed to misspell "ture" *and* "relevent". :P


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