Sep. 7th, 2007

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One of the coolest stories in sports recently has been Rick Ankiel, the St. Louis Cardinals pitcher-turned-outfielder who has seemingly found new life as a power hitter after a loss of confidence ended his pitching career. I blogged about him a few weeks ago.

NEW YORK (AP) _ Comeback kid Rick Ankiel and former World Series MVP Troy Glaus received performance-enhancing drugs from a Florida pharmacy under investigation for illegally distributing prescription medications, according to a pair of reports.

Ankiel, who has hit nine homers since rejoining the St. Louis Cardinals last month, received eight shipments of human growth hormone from January to December 2004, the Daily News reported Friday.

Also, Darko Milicic went insane after an Olympic qualifying game this week and threatened, on camera, to hunt down the referees, murder them and rape their mothers and daughters. When Rasheed Wallace called Darko the "Serbian Gangster", he wasn't joking.
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Because I have so many WNBA fans on my friends list...

LJ Strikes a Pose
LJ Poses

WNBA Superstars
WNBA Stars
The WNBA's First Team All-Stars (Deanna Nolan, Lauren Jackson, Becky Hammon, Tina Thompson and Diana Taurasi) wait to be introduced before Game 1 of the finals.

Kara Braxton and Rebecca Lobo
Braxton and Lobo

Who's Your Tiger Shock?
Grandy and the Shock
Curtis Granderson visits with (l to r) Pee Wee Johnson, Ivory Latta and Cheryl Ford of the Shock
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I'm so glad that, with all the unimportant things happening in the world, CNN is keeping us posted on big stories like Paris Hilton suing Hallmark, an 18-year-old that took naked pictures of herself to impress her boyfriend, Laura Bush's pinched nerve and, of course, the biggest story on the planet, a missing 4-year-old girl.

How many 4-year-olds have died in Iraq since Madeleine McCann "disappeared" on May 3? In Afghanistan? In Darfur? In Detroit?

How many of them got banner headlines on


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